32 Hectares with beach in Costa Alegre Jalisco Mex

El Tuito, Cabo Corrientes, Jalisco

  • US$ 2,950,000 En Venta
  • US$ 2,950,000 En Venta
  • 326,000 m² de terreno
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  • Tipo: Terreno
  • ID: EB-OA5381
  • Clave interna: CABOC
  • Antigüedad: A estrenar
  • Largo del terreno: 590 m
  • Frente del terreno: 429 m
  • Asesor: ZGHARTA Bienes Raíces


Strategic location: The property is in a privileged location in the Costa Alegre of Jalisco, just 90 minutes from Playa Mismaloya in Puerto Vallarta Jalisco Mexico, 45 minutes from Pueblo El Tuito Jalisco Mexico, an area renowned for its natural beauty, pristine beaches and pleasant climate. In addition, its proximity to Puerto Vallarta, one of Mexico's most popular tourist destinations, provides excellent connectivity and access to quality services.

Tourism potential: The growing tourism demand in Mexico and the popularity of the Puerto Vallarta and Costa Alegre region make this property an excellent opportunity to develop a tourist resort hotel. The scenic beauty, cultural richness and diversity of recreational activities attract tourists from all over the world.

Access to the beach: With 429 meters of beach, the property offers a unique opportunity to develop a resort with direct access to beautiful beaches. This is a great attraction for tourists looking to enjoy the sun, sea and water activities.

Growth Potential: The Costa Alegre area has experienced steady growth in the tourism sector in recent years. Investment in a tourist resort hotel in this strategic location has a high potential for long-term growth and profitability.

Developing infrastructure: The tourism infrastructure in the region is under constant development, including improvements in roads, water, electricity, and communications services. This provides a favorable environment for the development of quality tourism projects.

Tax exemptions and benefits: Mexico offers tax incentives to investors in the tourism sector. These include exemptions and special benefits in taxes and tariffs to encourage investment and the development of tourism projects in the country.

Political and legal stability: Mexico has a stable political environment and solid legislation to protect the rights of foreign investors. In addition, there are free trade agreements and investment protection agreements with the United States, Canada, and European Union countries, which provide legal certainty for investors.

Market Potential: The Puerto Vallarta and Costa Alegre region attracts a wide range of tourists, including luxury travelers, nature lovers, retirees, weddings and honeymooners, among others. This provides opportunities to capture different market segments and maximize the resort's occupancy and revenues.

Nearby culture and attractions: In addition to beautiful beaches, the region has a rich Mexican culture, picturesque villages, archaeological ruins, and activities such as whale watching, sport fishing, hiking, and jungle exploration. These nearby attractions add value to the tourism experience and increase the potential for return on investment.

Property appreciation: Given the growing demand and development potential in the Costa Alegre area, the value of the property is likely to increase over time. This means that investment in this 32 hectare property could generate profits both through resort development and through possible future resale.

The land has a high tension electric power line.

We are open to hear purchase proposals and negotiate.

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Francisco Sigie


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  • Frente a la playa
ZGHARTA Bienes Raíces

ZGHARTA Bienes Raíces

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El Tuito, Cabo Corrientes, Jalisco

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